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she knows she's more than just a little misunderstood.

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i'm a single, young, loving mom of a beautiful baby boy named caden michael. contrary to popular belief, despite my age & past mistakes, i am capable of taking care of my son. no matter how cheesy it may sound, caden is the light of my life -- my own little personal ray of sunshine. he was born on april 21st of 2008 & on this day i experienced true love in it's purest form. my love for my son only grows deeper with each passing day -- no one can touch this. other than that, i am pretty typical.

as far as my journal goes, the majority of my entries are friends only. these are the entries in which i write about personal issues as well as emotions & feelings that i do not feel the need to air out to the world. if you think you would actually care about these personal issues and/or my feelings, add me.. more than likely, i'll accept. & my public entries? ..well, those are visible, so you know what that's all about.